Our History

The history of the Olpe State Bank dates back over 100 years:

-1905: On October 5 a group of local investors founded the bank. The original structure was just a frame building. Its location was south of the current Fire Department.

-1909: The bank moved to a new two-story brick building. This building was located on the empty lot south of our present day location.

-1976: Olpe State Bank found a more permanent place to call home. For the last 43 years, 202 Westphalia St. has been where business is conducted.

For 115 years, the Olpe State Bank has remained actively involved in community reinvestment through Real Estate, Consumer (personal), Commercial and Agricultural loans. Our employees continue to respect individuals and their needs. Building relationships through face-to-face interaction is important to our business model. However, for those that prefer a more modern approach, mobile banking is also offered. Through understanding our customers, we can provide superior service. We are committed to supporting both customers and community. It may be a small town bank, but, it has weathered the “Great Depression,” the “Banking Crisis of the 80's,” and the “Great Recession of 2008”. As new obstacles arise, the Olpe State Bank has every intention of facing them head on.

We will continue to serve you, our community, and our schools. Our location may have changed, but the heart of our employees has not. We still remain a community bank.

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