Olpe State Bank EST. 1905 engraved in a large rock.

The Olpe State Bank was founded by a group of local investors in October 1905 and has operated continuously since its inception. It has weathered the "Great Depression," the "Banking Crisis of the 80s," and the "Great Recession of 2008." It is actively involved in community reinvestment through lending for homes, personal loans, businesses, and  agriculture. It values individuals and their needs, and builds relationships through face-to-face interactions. This bank is committed to supporting the community, local schools, and local events. Olpe State Bank truly is a community bank.

The first building that Olpe State Bank operated in.

The extorior of the second building that Olpe State Bank occupied

The interior of the secound build that housed Olpe State Bank.

Three Places to Call Home


The Olpe State Bank has occupied three buildings over the 110 years it has operated. In 1905 the bank opened in the building pictured to the upper left and occupied it until 1909. The bank then occupied the building at the center left from 1909 to 1976. If you look closely in this picture, you may be able to spot the safe in the lower left corner of the large front windows. In the picture to the lower left, you can see the interior of the bank as it was in the second building. The third bank, pictured at the bottom was built in 1976 and has been home to the Olpe State Bank ever since. We are proud to be members and supporters of the Olpe, Kansas community.

The building that now houses Olpe State Bank.



 The new safe outside of Olpe State Bank

What is That Thing?


Have you ever wondered what the gold sphere on the south side of the bank is? It is the second safe of the Olpe State Bank. Nitroglycerin was used to blow open the first safe during a late-night robbery in late November of 1908. The cracksmen were able to get away with $2,264.62 in currency, silver, copper, and gold. A $300.00 reward was offered for the robbers. The round safe was one of two safes to replace the original. It cost over $800.00 and remained in use through the remaining time at the first bank location. It was then moved to the second bank location and was used until the third and current Olpe State Bank building was built. It was placed where it stands to remind us of the strength of our past and our hope for a golden future.


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