Crop insurance protects Kansas farmers like you. Olpe State Bank is proud to offer this service to our customers through NAU Country Insurance.

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When faced with yield or revenue losses, crop insurance helps farmers recover from natural disasters and price fluctuations. It provides a financial lifeline to pay current obligations and to go on to plant the next season.

In addition to being an important risk management tool, crop insurance can also be used as collateral for loans. This provides farmers the financial freedom to build capacity, innovate, and make long-term investments in their land and infrastructure.

Talk to one of our specialized Crop Agents today - you'll gain the knowledge and tools you need to protect your farm investment.

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Kevin Flott, President & CEO

Crop Insurance Agent/Loan Officer


Helpful Links for Crop Insurance* Information

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A convenient list of important dates for crop insurance.

Insurance Facts
Interesting details pertaining to insurance details, facts and figures, and MORE!

NAU Price Discovery
Locate your year, commodity, insurance plan, and state to compute revenue prices.

Market Prices
Look up current market prices for commodity goods.

*Please Note All Disclosures Regarding QBE-NAU Crop Insurance:

  • QBE-NAU Crop Insurance is NOT insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other agency in the United States or the Olpe State Bank.
  • Enrollment in a QBE-NAU Insurance Plan is NOT a deposit of or guaranteed by the Olpe State Bank.
  • QBE and the links logo are registered service marks of QBE(R) Insurance Group Limited.
  • NAU is a registered service mark of NAU(R) Country Insurance Company.
  • This Agency is and Equal Opportunity Provider.
  • May go down in value.